Our Work

  • Chicago Board Options Exchange
    Chicago Board Options Exchange
    “Right from the start, Ritchey helped us master the intricacies of efficiently reaching our target audience on the Internet.” —Carolyn Mitchell, Vice President, Internet Marketing, Chicago Board Options Exchange
  • Four Seasons Development
    Four Seasons Development
    “Everything we do must reflect the image of our high-end resort properties. Ritchey Associates matched our demanding standards. I truly appreciate their attention to detail and professional way of helping us ‘look great’ in our direct response marketing efforts.” —Lynne Baristow, Marketing Director, Four Seasons Development, Punta Mita
  • Clintec Nutrition Company
    Clintec Nutrition Company
    “Our marketing efforts involved two distinct problems, a unique delivery system, and target audience with radically different information requirements: physicians and patients. Ritchey Associates’ healthcare expertise was invaluable in producing effective, multi-component communications for a complex and sensitive market.” —Jim Kaczkowski, Manager of Marketing Services, Clintec Nutrition Company
  • Mary Walter
    Mary Walter
    “We’re delighted with our relationship with Ritchey Associates. Their ideas are innovative, far-reaching, and their grasp of our specific marketing requirements is refreshing.” —Mary Walter, Owner, Mary Walter
  • Vision SPRR
    Vision SPRR
    “It is my pleasure to tell you how impressed we are with all of the marketing you have done for us. I truly believe that it has been an effort that is desperately needed to be done by any company that is trying to move forward and all of us at Vision are very excited for the future.” — Susan Aaron, President and CEO, Vision SPPR
  • McDonalds
    “Ritchey Associates’ quick and responsive implementation was vital to the success of our customer response and recovery system.” — Chris Garrity, Communications Manager, McDonalds Corporation
  • Starion
    “Ritchey Associates developed valuable insights into our market, created a powerful image and identity for our products, and provided us the effective marketing materials that continue to open doors.” —Michael Wechter, President, Starion
  • Urban Oasis
    Urban Oasis
    “Working with Ritchey has been a positive experience; their sound thinking and creative solutions are impressive and they lived within our budgetary constraints, which made us fee comfortable at every stage.” —Peter Rubintz, Founder and President, Urban Oasis
  • D-Vision Systems
    D-Vision Systems
    “Ritchey’s approach repositioning our company was instrumental in helping us successfully launch several different products to the video production industry.” —Shelby Zavoral, Marketing Director, D-Vision Systems
  • Kemper Financial Services
    Kemper Financial Services
    “Their solution was a two-pronged campaign that motivated our best brokers while, at the same time, upselling substantial numbers of our existing clients.” —Lisa Huot, Marketing Director, Kemper Executive Council, “Hidden Treasures” Program
  • CINN
    “Our organization faced complex identity issues which Ritchey Associates resolved with care and expertise.” —Ted Michalke, Director of Business Development, CINN
  • Starting Point
    Starting Point
    “Ritchey Associates led us to a successful repositioning of our online company which gave us a point-of-difference in our marketplace. Their grasp of how to create a digital brand was invaluable.” —Kevin Manley, Co-Founder, Managing Partner, Starting Point, L.L.C.
  • CoolEmail
    “Ritchey was amazing to have put together a complete company branding and launch in rapid speed timing.” —Larry Zinox, Co Founder, CMO, CoolEmail
  • BMW
    “Ritchey exceeded our expectations in every dimension for our annual VIP Golf Event invitation.” —Anthony Ascione, Regional Sales & Marketing Manager, BMW
  • QTE Systems
    QTE Systems
    “Our challenge as a start up company was to create a credible image within the healthcare community quickly.” —Eugene Rogers, President, QTE Systems, L.L.C.
  • Citibank
    “Ritchey Associates gave us an innovative lead generation program that literally opened a new channel of direct marketing for us.” —Maureen Kennedy, Retail Marketing Manager, Citibank
  • PC Ouote
    PC Ouote
    “Ritchey Associates provided us with invaluable insight to build market awareness for our Charter Advertising Program.” —Julij Miller, Director of Marketing, PC Quote, Charter Advertising Program
  • CinemaVideo Center
    CinemaVideo Center
    “Ritchey Associates provided us with the means not only to increase our market awareness, but to strengthen our position within that market. They offer extraordinarily strong analytical and creative support and a sense of commitment that is a rare treat in this business.” —Joseph Palese, President, CinemaVideo Center
  • First Chicago
    First Chicago
    “Ritchey Associates developed and implemented an identity program for our Personal Investments Department which has enhanced its image and communications efforts.” – John Tomick, Vice President, First Chicago Corporation, Personal Investments Department
  • Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises
    Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises
    “Ritchey’s creative work was fresh and original and produced measurable results.” —Mary Pat Knight, Marketing Director, Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises, Inc., Lettuce Parties